Shall We Dance?

What happens when you put a group of young people together long enough? Well…they dance! I’ve enjoyed being a part of the recently rejuvenated Erskine Ballroom Dance Club (which had fizzled the year before my classTillary and Aimée dancing in Erskine's Got Talent arrived) for the past year or so, and I enjoyed a completely new experience this fall when I went to my first Erskine semi-formal. I had avoided dances before because I was unsure of what to expect, but I went with a great group of friends in the fall, and we had fun dressing up and goofing off together in our formal attire.

Recently, though, some adventurous and talented friends discovered a YouTube video called Swing Dance Demo with Aerials. And so what do you think happened? They staked out the Memorial stage (a large space perfect for learning dance moves) and learned how to execute numerous high-flying swing dance moves. A few days later, they invited several other members of the Ballroom Dance Club to join them, and we all had great fun learning new steps…and we may or may not have met for about four evenings consecutively. But our excuse was that it was not exam season and that Aimée and Tillary were preparing to dance in the talent show the following weekend. Randomly deciding to work on dance steps every evening for a week is, to me, quintessential of the delightful spontaneity that is possible during the college season.
Tillary and Aimée tearing up the dance floor
To see a demonstration of the types of swing dancing we’ve been learning here at Erskine, take a look at this video of Holly and Joseph going over their routine before the pageant show a couple of weekends ago. They learned and worked on this for a total of one week before the video was taken—that’s skill!