The Blessing of Spring Break

As this restful week comes to an end, I am aware of just how much I needed the time away from school and constant responsibilities, as I think everyone did.  This year I had no choir tour, no trips, and no great plans for the week of vacation; however, it was still a very pleasant break full of lovely weather, time for relaxation, motivation to be productive, and time with family.

Amazing how much a week can make a difference, isn’t it?

I did have a pretty hefty load of schoolwork to get done, with projects coming up, reading to get ahead on, music to work on, final details to plan for my recital, and just plain old homework to do.  The wonderful thing about break, though, is that I had all week to do that, and virtually nothing else that absolutely had to be done.  Being caught up and even getting ahead on work is such a satisfying feeling, especially when you can work on it all at a comfortable pace, interspaced with other activities.

Of course, there were other things to be done while at home: appointments, a little bit of spring shopping, those dreaded taxes, and other odd projects here and there.  I was also pleased to spend time with my family, watch television and movies, read for pure enjoyment, and catch up with friends in other countries (including my madre in Spain!) – all activities that I have little time to do while at school.  I was feeling so unstressed and productive that I even spent time looking into graduate programs.

The difficult part will be going back to school now, back to all the hectic schedules, shorter sleep schedules, and stress that goes with everything.  Luckily, break has not entirely spoiled me, just given me a good rest, mental as well as physical, so that when I drive back to school on Sunday afternoon  I will be ready to jump back into everything with renewed motivation and energy.

So bring it on, college, I’m back again and ready for you.