Summer has just begun…

Summer has just started and I’ve already been to Europe and Florida. I’ve spent time with wonderful friends and my precious family. I’ve sang in some of the most beautiful churches on the earth, gotten the chance to minister to people through music, built lifelong friendships, and learned to appreciate my family so much in the past two weeks.

And the best part is…

this is only the beginning.

My summer hasn’t even gone into full swing yet. I’m hoping to work a couple of summer jobs: a couple of clothing stores, some babysitting here and there, and maybe even a new job as a barista for Starbucks?! The possibilities for summer work are all around me, so it’s time to just stop being lazy and get out there and work. Lord knows I need to make back a good chunk of the money I spent on my vacations and make some money for some future trips and events I’d like to participate in soon.

A road trip to visit my cousin while she’s in summer school is in the horizon, as well a possible trip to Australia in August to visit my best friend who’s studying abroad there for 5 months. Who knows?! Either way, I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on my whereabouts and interesting things that happen this summer.

I’m planning on making some unforgettable memories, in fact I’d say I’m already halfway there, so how are you going to make the most of your summer?