My last 3 days…

I felt time winding down as graduation inched closer and closer. Finishing this chapter in my life didn’t bring tears or sadness, but energy and excitement! I have called Erskine/Due West my home over the past 2 years but I didn’t shed a single tear my last 3 days. Why? As the seniors wrap up their undergrad everything seems so rewarding. Ranging from awards, no final exams, senior activities, beautiful whether, graduation gifts, etc the past 4 years of working hard has paid off! Also, being surrounded by so many people I cared about, sadness didn’t have the opportunity to set in. My mom and 2 sisters were down for graduation and I spent time with friends I had grown so close to, what more could I want!

The 4 Albers girls spent a fun and relaxing day in the neat and beautiful city, Greenville. They fell in love with the artsy atmosphere of neat shops. On this particular weekend, talented artists took over Main Street to show off their art for Artisphere. We simply took free ganders at the masterpieces and took home the insight it gave us. Among the artsy city, tranquility lines the streets. The sidewalks are creatively lined with quotes to ponder as you roam the city. Also, the Reedy river and park runs free in the heart of the town giving a place for families, like my own, to enjoy nature right in the midst of a large city! We all agreed that we have never been to a city like Greenville. I am so glad my family was able to enjoy one of the neatest cities in South Carolina.

awards banquet

Volleyball gave me a sense of identy for 10 plus years. In return, I was molded into the individual I am today because of the family we became.

The graduation festivities continued after graduation as well. I was extremely happy that I was able to say goodbye to my volleyball team over a meaningful farewell dinner. Looking down the table at all the girls, I saw young ladies, scholars, collegiate athletes and fellow members of the Erskine community. They all have developed so much in each one of those roles over the past 2 years. I am excited to see what time brings for these energy-filled, genuine individuals.

The past 3 days has told me that I have so much to be thankful for. And tears were shed because of that as I was homebound. Along with my team, I developed so many skills, befriended lifelong companions and had an experience unable to be replicated by another individual. So my challenge to you is to embrace all you have. Seek what interests you, act with a strong drive and love like you won’t have a heart tomorrow. So when you have just 3 days left of high school, college, the week or a vacation, you can wear a smile tagged with pride of who and where you have been!

Let’s Get FIT!!

fruitSustainability, eco-friendly environment, and healthier food choices have been added to the Erskine community attributes over the past year. One more healthy addition to campus is Fit4Spring!! The 8 week program is geared towards improving the health of the Erskine community. Structured by team motivation of 2-5 people per team to keep each other accountable and to give support for maximum health results!! Not only are we looking to increase in physical activity, but healthy eating. We posted “Fit4Spring Approved” tags to enhance the healthy living experience. After the first week of the program, the weight rooms and gyms have been packed with people eager to extend those New Year’s Resolutions that have may have fizzled out, m
aintain their exercise habits or start the journey to healthy lifestyle. Everyone is on a “runner’s high”; I hope it doesn’t crash!
Team work starts now!!

Team work starts now!!

What is my part in this healthy lifestyle promoting program?? I am the director! I never thought I could manage an operation like Fit4Spring. But, thanks to teamwork (Fit4Spring committee and sponsors, I’m talking about you!!) and hard work with the goal of giving the Erskine community the resources to succeed for their health’s sake! It has been a learning experience. I have gained skills that will help me in my future, whether it is the work force or graduate school. I also learned the hard way that I need 6-8 hours of sleep every night; I need my brain to function! Another beneficial experience is the team work aspect. I have been part of a team for over half of my life. However, I learned even more about teamwork and distribution of tasks to people’s strengths though the preparation for Fit4Spring. I can’t do it all; I need my peers!

I get to compete too. I am part of “Team Richard Simmons” crew 🙂 We are all excited! We are going to ‘Party off the Pounds!!’ Richard Simmons ‘Party off the Pounds!’

Now that I am the public eye of Fit4Spring, I have to dot my i’s and cross my t’s. So, that means no more sweets and must work out at least once a day. But most importantly, being an example of living an overall healthy lifestyle that is tangible for others to reach is key. This is actually really good for me. I thoroughly enjoy my chocolate, sweet breads and ice cream, but everyone is keeping me accountable. People might be sneaking a peek at my plate in the cafeteria, checking to see if I have sweat beads running down my face in the weight room and not being out and about too late at night. Not only is this program good for the rest of Erskine, but me as well!