Worshipping Together

While Erskine is a very challenging academic campus, I have also found it to be challenging spiritually as well. Surrounding by students in this Christ-centered environment, I am always learning new things about myself and my faith. Part of this comes from the various interactions with fellow students on campus, but also from the several worship opportunities we have. Some of the opportunities for fellowship include Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Reformed United Fellowship (The Barn), as well as chapel services offered by both the College and the Seminary. While I have attended many of the previously mentioned organizations, this past weekend I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Barn.

DSC_0023This year, the Barn has officially become RUF. This off campus barn is located about 4 miles out of town and is attended by several Erskine students on Sunday evenings. However, this past weekend, the worship was opened to the community as a special barbecue dinner was provided as well as a hymn sing led by three vocalists of Indelible Grace. This time of worship offers students a change to enjoy the cooling temperatures and the sound of nature as we sing and praise God for all of our wonderful blessings. I left feeling energized for the week and calmed from the stresses that school often bring. Something about sitting on hay bales in the cool of fall brings me closer to my own faith and helps me reflect on the true meaning of life.