NATS Singing Competition

A couple of weekends ago, I and 3 other students headed to a vocal competition at USC. It’s pretty much a chance for voice teachers to show off their voice students, at least I’m conivinced that’s the main reason for the competition. lol. I participated last year as well and the experience wasn’t all bad. If anything, the chance to perform taught me something new. For this competition, I had to sing a couple of Italian arias and some English pieces. Classical singing isn’t exactly my forte, but the cool thing about it is that I’m definitely improving.

I never knew how much technique actually went into singing. All my life, I’ve just grown up around Indian music and African-American music and have just copied what I’ve heard. I didn’t expect voice lessons to expand my range and musical horizons, but they have and I’m excited about the growth to come. If someone would have asked me a couple of years ago what kind of music I wanted to sing, I wouldv’e said gospel because that’s what seems to come naturally. But you know what? Now, I can honestly say, I’d like to explore the classical genre, r&b, rock, and etc. Why limit myself vocally, especially when I know God’s given me the gift of singing for a reason?

My challenge now is to consistently continue to practice. I realize that if I want to make my dreams come true, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication. I’m willing though, because I see music as a great ministry opportunity.

The way I see it, God gives us all gifts and talents so why not use them to bring glory to His name and His kingdom?