Spring Already!

The decorations for our room's door all winter - the only snow that we saw this year.

I do believe that spring has officially come to Erskine.  Many of us, myself included, have been disappointed that we did not have a “real” winter this year, in that it never really got cold for any considerable amount of time, and, more importantly, it never snowed!  Every winter since my freshman year we have had snow, and each year it was considerable enough to cancel classes for at least a day.  We got close a couple of times this year, but we were always disappointed by just another cold, rainy day through which we trudged to class as usual.  The only snow that we have seen is the paper snowflakes that my roommate and I made to decorate our door for Christmas. . . which turned into general winter decorations, taken down only yesterday.

However, yesterday students seemed anything but disappointed with the warm weather.  There were many students outside, enjoying the warm, sunny day of 78 degrees.  Jackets seemed suddenly abandoned for shorts, sandals, and t-shirts, and windows were thrown open around the dorm to enjoy the breeze and console those inside with a taste of the gorgeous day outside.  Today is warm and rainy, a proper spring day, and as I walked around to classes this morning I noticed blooming flowers starting to open up, the grass turning a healthy green again, and how warm the breeze was.  I think students, despite their inherent stress, especially over the impending midterms, seem to be generally more positive, because who can stay in a bad mood with such nice weather outside?