Good Conversation with Good Company

Something that college students like to do occasionally (or, for some, quite regularly) is stay up until the wee hours of the morning engaging in great conversations with friends.  Granted, this is not the smartest thing to do when you have class the next morning at 8:00 or 9:00, but on a Friday night, this is a great way to spend your time.

Robinson 2 Lobby - Site of many a late-night conversation.

Last night, after a long day of travel down to and back from Charleston with the Choraleers, who sang at a musical convention, I enjoyed one of these hours-long talks.  It started on the way home with one friend on the bus – as I shared some of my favorite Spanish artists, we began talking about music and ended up doing so for most of the ride back.  When we arrived and I got back to my dorm, I soon took a trip to Java City with a couple of the girls on my hall.  We ended up staying there until about 1:00 am, but when we got back to Robinson the conversation continued in our hall lobby for quite a while.  I won’t say exactly what time it was when we finally went to sleep, but suffice to say that we heard a few birds starting to chirp outside (that’s when you know it is past time to go to bed).

I have been so busy this semester and focused on trying to get all of my homework finished on the weekends that I have not had many opportunities for these conversations.  I have abbreviated versions for perhaps an hour on the occasional afternoon or evening, but I have missed such long, impromptu discussions.  I also really enjoyed last night’s talk because I have not gotten to know the three girls involved as well as I would have liked, partially because they are all sophomores, so we have not had as much time together at Erskine.  I am glad, though, that the community of dorms affords such opportunities for fellowship, or else I would not get to know so many great young women at Erskine.  I am also thankful that with only four weeks left (yep, the countdown is starting), I have a manageable amount of things to do, so I am not so pressed for time that I can’t enjoy such small pleasures of college.

Fall Begins in Due West

Due West Fall Festival

Although the weather doesn’t quite feel like it yet, fall is here and it has begun to come to Erskine. We had several days last week that were cooler, teasing us all into thinking that maybe the heat was finished for the season, but we’re back into the 80’s again.  However, here and there the leaves are starting to change a little, even falling in some cases, and this morning was the annual Due West Fall Festival.

I admit that I had never been before, even though I remember being woken up by the music outside my window two years ago, so this year – my last – I decided to make a point of going.  My sister and I went about a half an hour before lunch, and were pleasantly surprised by the size of the festival that Due West can put on.

It was a little like a flea market, with hand made goods – baskets, jewelry, woodworking  – used clothes and house wares, a few inflatable toys for children, a stage with local bands and karaoke, a couple dozen old cars on display, and of course lots of great food, from boiled peanuts to pound cakes.  We found a few nice little handmade things for great prices, and got to meet some really nice people from the area.  I’m glad that I finally decided to take part in this Due West tradition!

Cars on display at the Festival

The Erskine Model A making an appearance at the Festival.